Why Ishani Is One Of The Best Embroidery Fashion House In India?

There is an old proverb that says, ‘to reach the top is easy but to stay there for longer period of time is a tough task’. This particular proverb is almost perfectly fit for Ishani.

Since its inception, Ishani always look to offer best quality embroidery works to its clients all over the world and till date it is delivering the promises to its clients. To become the best is not always easy rather quite a difficult task sometime which is somewhat contradicts the proverb.

There are reasons that put Ishani among the best embroidery fashion house in India. All these reasons piled up over the years and now it is becoming a force to reckon with .

Let’s look at the reasons

1) Exclusivity: We all know embroidery always needs special skill and expertise and these help to create exclusive crafts. Incidentally, Ishani knows how to produce exclusive craftwork when it comes to exclusivity. From clients’ requirements to its own set of designs Ishani always showcase a wide array of embroidery designs that are not only exclusive but also world-class.

2) Quality: Whenever you are talking about top level fashion house, quality is a basic yet most important aspect of Ishani’s work. Ishani prefer to keep its quality at the highest level to match the needs of top range fashion brands and designers. Ishani knows what these top designers and fashion brands are looking for when it comes to quality and always ready to deliver more.

3) Eco-friendly and sustainable materials: These days no one can deny the importance of clean and green world. Ishani follows the global rules regarding the usage of eco-friendly and sustainable material and when it comes to dye and other raw materials Ishani always ensure those products remain eco-friendly.

4) On-time delivery: Everything depends on the end result that is when you deliver the product to its destination and that too within the designated timeframe.

5) Top-notch Artisans: We are enriched by a hoard of extremely talented, skillful, experienced and dedicated artisans who are always ready to craft the best embroidery for your fashion brand and garments.

6) World-wide client: Ishani has a strong clientele base spread over all over the globe. Keeping our global clients happy is not an easy task especially they are very particular about their needs and types of creativity they are looking for their brands. We always deliver best.

7) Handmade and Machine Embroidery: Ishani understands and care for its clients which is why it offers both handmade and machine made embroidery where handmande embroidery brings in rich cultural heritage, legacy and special skillset. On the other hand machine made embroidery offers fast production on a mass scale.

8) Desire to remain best: Once you achieve so much trust and applauds from your clients for all the embroidery works then you love to retain those and we at Ishani are doing the same. We always want to remain in the top position with our quality products

You can either visit our site www.ishanis.com or you can send us your email at –  info@ishani.In to know more about our offers and work.

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